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Script Downloads

Click here to download the latest version (Revision 75) of “Silent Runners.vbs”.

Click here to download a zip file.

Click here to view the MD5 hash of the latest version. Click here to download MD5.EXE so you can calculate the MD5 hash of the script file you download. If the MD5 hash of your downloaded file is not the same as the hash of the latest version, the download was faulty.

Click here to access previous script versions.

Please respect the terms of use. If you have a question, please ask me.


Click here to download “InUse Destroyer.vbs”, a script that deletes or replaces files at reboot in any Windows system, from Windows 95 to Windows 8. This release, R06, was updated on April 25, 2013.

Click here to download “SAXPAR.vbs”. It can be used to determine the security updates missing on any PC running Windows 2000 or later. Documentation can be found here.

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