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Press Coverage

Once upon a time… Silent Runners was noticed…
(listed in chronological order)

Strider GhostBuster Logo

2005, Microsoft.com, Links: Spyware turning into Ghostware, The Striders GhostBusters page linked to a September 2004 NTBugTraq mailing list post by Rossano Ferraris and myself that detailed our procedure for removing one malevolent form of CWS. (Unfortunately, the NTBugTraq post and the Striders Ghostbusters page have been removed.)

SearchWindowsSecurity Logo

June 2005, SearchWindowsSecurity.com, Clean up spyware-infected PCs: Stage one — Diagnosis, Lawrence Abrams, a Windows security expert, suggests using Silent Runners to provide a “deeper level of insight into the programs that are running automatically”.

PC World logo

January 2006, PC World web site (and page 41 of the February 2006 print issue), Tool of the Month: A Cool, Free, and Geeky Diagnostic, Columnist Steve Bass termed Silent Runners “a handy little tool… that looks at all the programs, add-ons, and other things that start when you boot Windows.”

Kim Komando logo

January 30, 2006, The Kim Komando Show, Kool Site of the Day, Kim writes that “… if you're having problems with your computer, it could be a problem with the Registry. Well, Silent Runners can help you out.” (Sorry to say that this page on Kim’s site has been removed.)

Guardian Unlimited logo

February 16, 2006, The Guardian (page 5 of the Technology section in the print issue), Ask Jack: Mystery actions, When a user is puzzled by unexpected hard disk activity, columnist Jack Schofield recommends that the user go ”to the Control Panel and look under Scheduled Tasks to see if there are any… If you can't find anything, run Silent Runners.”

Infoworld logo

March 10, 2015, Infoworld.com, Infected with malware? Check your Windows registry
Security specialist Roger A. Grimes, writes that “Autoruns is pretty thorough. Some people prefer a similar script called Silent Runners.vbs.”

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